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The most famous people you've never heard of; and other things.

Education and Entertainment are not mutually exclusive

We produce small scale plays and audio dramas .  Our plays tell the untold stories of forgotten people.  Our subjects are mainly real-life figures from history and we take particular satisfaction in subverting history to focus on these lesser-known characters, consigning their more famous contemporaries to supporting roles.

Our shows also include fictional tales set within real life situations.


All our work champions the underdog.  Whether we're shining a light on ageism in the Victorian era, holding up a mirror to today's society by illustrating the class wars of the 1930's  or even looking at environmental issues through the eyes of a beekeeping monk, our work proves that education and entertainment do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Our podcast, "Famous People You've Never Heard Of" complements our live theatre work and includes interviews with experts from academia and entertainment about now mostly  forgotten people whose memories we believe should be kept alive.

We are an independent company and are self-funded.  If you like what we do and are able to help us continue our work by donating a small amount we'd be so grateful.  Every donation helps us pay the overheads  - you will literally be keeping the lights on in the studio, the ink in the printer and the shows on the road  



Our backstage goings-on on Instagram

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